Messy’s Story.

Melissa is 31 years old, educated, and not addicted to any drugs. But her, like so many others in increasingly alarming numbers are becoming homeless. Last week I decided to go and visit with my friend Gina who was interviewing some of the encampment residents for her podcast. Once I mentioned my project Melissa agreed... Continue Reading →

Briley Story.

I met 27 year old Briley in Emeryville one morning in early September of 2018, about 1 block from Pixar studios. I noticed her standing in the middle of San Pablo with her sign so I decided to pull over and talk to her. I offered her some food and cash in exchange for her... Continue Reading →

W.A.R (We’re All Relevant.)

There's a war going on in California. But no-one seems to care about it's casualties even though we know them by name. They're our Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and even Grandparents. One in four residents in the state of California are homeless and the situation is only getting worse.... Continue Reading →

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