Messy’s Story.

Melissa is 31 years old, educated, and not addicted to any drugs. But her, like so many others in increasingly alarming numbers are becoming homeless. Last week I decided to go and visit with my friend Gina who was interviewing some of the encampment residents for her podcast. Once I mentioned my project Melissa agreed to be a part of it. I’ll be documenting her life over the course of the next year for the W.A.R project.

Melissa has had all of her things stolen once, burned down twice, and has been sexually assaulted in her sleep since moving into the encampment 7 months ago.

4world, a mentally ill resident, threatens Messy,

4 world is a mentally ill resident and has laid claim to the entire area where Messy wants to pitch her tent. He’s threatening to hurt her if she moves her things into the area. She’s pleading with him to leave her alone and reiterated that “we’re all homeless out here why can’t I live in this space that no one is using?” Which makes perfect sense to anyone even those of us who aren’t homeless. This is the second fire Messy has survived since moving to the encampment.

For more of Messy’s story. Follow her page here.

Thank you so much for your donation! Much love.

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