W.A.R (We’re All Relevant.)

There’s a war going on in California.

But no-one seems to care about it’s casualties even though we know them by name. They’re our Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and even Grandparents. One in four residents in the state of California are homeless and the situation is only getting worse. I’m hoping to tap into what seems to be a lost aspect of the human psyche, empathy. I’m hoping with just a little bit of help from some of you that maybe we can improve a few lives directly while raising awareness to a serious problem that’s spreading across America.

This volume of the project will focus on the San Francisco Bay area as I believe it to be the most radical of any city in California. Gentrification, the financial crisis of 2008, Silicon Valley, and Air B&B all play pivotal rolls in the displacement around the bay.

There’s also a lot of Nimby-ism which is unfortunate because most of these folks are hard working and want to contribute to society. Their stories don’t sound all that out of place from anyone else. I’m sure some of you know addicts and homeless people, and some of you might have even been there yourselves, I know I have. The end goal of this is to create a photo-book which highlights the situation here in the bay area.

Ultimately I want this to be Vol 1 of a 3 volume set. This first volume will deal exclusively with the bay area I’m hoping to raise 15-$20,000 with this GoFundMe. The money will go towards allowing me to immerse myself in the camps around the bay without having to worry about becoming homeless myself.

So far I already have over 15 hours of interviews. This page, in addition to photos will have all of the audio interviews that accompany them. The money raised will also go directly to paying the subjects for the interviews in addition to providing aid to the camp in general.

There are small children and adults there walking around barefoot and that’s not good with needles being strewn about. Once the book is complete 80% of the proceeds will go the homeless. 50% of that will go directly to the people who participated. But this is only possible with your help! I’m going to need the time to be able to keep track of all of these people of the next year for vol 1. At least.

When vol 1 is released. The first 100 donors (make yourself known via Facebook) who supported the project will be mailed a copy of W.A.R vol 1 once the first print run is completed. This is an opportunity to help the homeless directly. You will see your dollars put to work in aid of those far less fortunate.  There is a link to the Gofundme below, Please I need your help!

Messy argues with 4world, a mentally ill resident about letting her clear a spot for a tent.
Please give if you can, your donation is greatly appreciated.

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